Six Months in & Continuing to Embrace Ambiguity…

We are sharing our own thoughts in response to this month’s prompt (Refer back to The Invitation if you have questions about what we’re doing here). Tiffany Smith shares her thoughts on our prompt:

How are you? What do you notice about yourself in this moment?

First, happy six-month mark, friends, and fellow reflective practitioners.

Libby and Deven have been wonderful friends and colleagues over the course of the time I have known them, and writing this blog with them over the past 6 months has been refreshing and challenging. It has been an honor reflecting together with them and you, as well as our thoughtful guests on our regular monthly videos. We are all part of a breathing, living network of relationships and connections, and building that here with this blog has brought a lot of self-awareness… and space to ask “why” questions. Thank you for sharing.

How am I?

I am generally doing alright (“fine” is a similar common expression). It is a tough question to unpack. There is a lot going on right now. However, I know I have a warm home, a loving partner, and a cuddly pooch to snuggle up with at night. These things, and my relationships with close friends and colleagues, are what help me to turn off (or re-purpose?) the frustration and focus on getting things done. The world is changing… and we’re the voices that will help incite that change.

What do I notice about myself in this moment?

I’m a bit tired. The pandemic should never have lasted this long.

I want action. We can make real change if we use our voices.

I want education. I want to see a public willing to ask questions. And dig more deeply.

I want us to feel our individual and collective power. You have power. And you are a part of a larger whole that needs you.

I’m continuing to embrace ambiguity. We’ve all gotten our fair share of ambiguity this year. I’m continually trying to understand how that ambiguity can be embraced and worked with in our lives… given it will always be there.

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