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The Invitation

Your hosts: Libby, Deven, & Tiffany. We are evaluators, educators, facilitators. Our work is individually and collectively focused on reflective practice, interpersonal effectiveness/development, and embodied learning/healing.

You: An evaluator, researcher, academic, data professional, or someone who makes a living in the information economy.

The Frame: As professionals who tend to overvalue expertise, knowledge, the written word, our left brain – – we can sometimes forget that we are human. And that we can be fully human AT WORK. We believe that through reflective practices, interpersonal development, & embodied healing we can allow ourselves to fully express our humanity.

The Offering: At the beginning of each month we will share a reflective prompt. One of your hosts will share their response- – in NO MORE THAN 300 words. Less is often more. We sit at a pivotal moment in history, let’s talk about which direction to move, together. Later in the month we will have a conversation about the prompt with someone…maybe you? That conversation is posted to YouTube and released as a podcast.

The Ask: Take a deep breath, open your heart, and radically (re)imagine how we might be more human in our work. We invite you into conversation, let’s explore together. Write your own response to the prompt in the comments. No more than 300 words. You can also tweet at us or reach out to be in conversation with us.

The Path Forward: Emergent. Unfolding. Co-created.

Imagine Here

In Community

We have had a wonderful year so far and have spoken with authentic, reflective, and thoughtful humans in the midst of this pandemic. Even through the trials and tribulations of a year and a half that have seemed defeating and draining at times, we have had the privilege and pleasure to radically imagine with youContinue reading “In Community”

When 1+1=3

Thank you for joining us for the July reflection from Tiffany Tovey: Rory Neuner reflected in our last podcast episode, “It’s a good idea to remind ourselves that we’re all working really for the same end goals.” As evaluators in this society, we are more often than not being brought into programs and organizations thatContinue reading “When 1+1=3”

Can we be in right relationship with funders?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve (Deven) been reflecting on how organizations (specifically community-based non-profit organizations) engage in evaluation. The activity can often feel like an afterthought; one in which boxes are being checked and a report is being delivered but without a clear or substantive why or for whom (I.e., why do we wantContinue reading “Can we be in right relationship with funders?”


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